Damgostar – Caspian Sea

Traditional fishing (Damgostar) in southern coasts of the Caspian Sea
Location: Fereydoonkenar, Tonekabon (Mazandaran Province)


Main characteristics:

  • 10-15km along the coast;
  • Tonekabon, traditional fisherfolk of Tonekabon;
  • Since 1990s fishing rights have been bought back by the State Fisheries Corporation (Sheelat);
  • Fishing to sustain livelihoods. The sea has also spiritual and cultural values, and the indigenous knowledge of the fishing communities have sustained the practices and have conserved the fishing grounds, including in the rivers that flow to the Caspian sea where many fish have their spawning grounds;
  • A variety of sturgeon (including those producing commercial grade Caviar) as well as non-sturgeon fish such as the Caspian salmon;
  • Elders and most skilled fishermen took the most important decision regarding time and method for fishing;
  • Despite government’s recent ownership claim, the ICCA is managed much as before;
  • Fishing and tourism.

Photo credits:
Javan Online

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