God-Maliran Camel ICCA

Location: Bafq (Yazd Province)


Main characteristics:

  • 100,000 ha;
  • Zariqan Village, Yazdi dialect of Persian;
  • Customary management of natural resources, especially rangelands and watering sources for animals is still practiced by the local community, although de jure ownership of the land was transferred to the FRWO after the 1963 imposition by the Shah, with a system of grazing permits in place, which follows very much the customary norms of rights of access;
  • Livelihood and cultural values;
  • A variety of plant and animal species (including Asiatic Cheetahs);
  • Rangelands are being managed collectively;
  • Primary economic activity is camel herding and breeding and some dryland agriculture.
Courtesy Abbas Didari, Cenesta
Courtesy Hamed Zolfaqari, Cenesta

CENESTA. 2008. Interview with Mohammad Reza Karimi, Indigenous Camel Herder of Zariqan Village, Bafq, Yazd Province. CENESTA, Tehran.

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