Inverted Tulips Plain

Inverted Tulips Plain
Summering grounds of Hamuleh Tribe of Bakhtiari Confederation

Location: Chelgerd, Kuhrang (Chahar-Mahal and Bakhtiari Province)


Main characteristics:

  • Approx. 2,000ha (inverted tulips plain) Total territory of Bakhtiari Confederation is nearly 2,000,000 hectares, a part of their summering territory;
  • Hamuleh tribe, 500 tentholds, indigenous mobile Pastoralists, Luri language;
  • Not settled permanently. (they have their customary territory including summering and wintering grounds, migratory routes and half way rangelands);
  • Conflicts because of the Nationalization of Rangelands, the local community have to obey government rules for entering and leaving the territory but usually practice their own customary systems;
  • Livelihood and culture;
  • Diversity of flora and fauna including medicinal and food value. Plants such as: wild celery, shallot, wild garlic, mushroom, wild pennyroyal, acanthus, rhubarb, marjoram, mountain sesame, etc. and fauna such as: wild goat, partridge, rabbit, mountain sheep, leopard, bear;
  • Summering ground of Hamuleh Tribe, but in 2005 a part of the plain was declared by the DOE as a natural monument;
  • Customary management of the Rangelands by community elders;
  • Community common property regime, despite the government’s claims of ownership;
  • Rangeland, very limited agricultural land and mountainous areas.
Courtesy Mehrdad Farrokhvand
Courtesy Siavash Rostami

Reference: CENESTA. 2011. Restoring Traditional Inverted Tulip ICCA in the Summering Ground of the Bakhtiari Tribal Confederation, Hamuleh Tribe. CENESTA, UNDP/GEF/SGP and Council of Elders, Sustainable livelihood Fund of Bakhtiari Tribal Confederacy, Tehran.

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