Shahsevan Tribal Confederacy


Ecological assessment report

Download report (in Persian).
This report includes the following biodiversity databases:

  1. Wildlife
  2. Livestock and domestic animals
  3. Crops
  4. Wild plants

These lists have been produced using field data and observations, interviews with community elders and animators, and literature survey.

Governance assessment report

Download report (in Persian).

Territorial assessment report

Download report (in Persian).

Bio-cultural protocol

This protocol gives a full description of the way of life, dependency on natural resources, native breeds and non-native breeds of livestock, indigenous knowledge, culture, issues and problems, predictable issues and how to engage international institutions to help recognise the rights related to the community.
Download report (in Persian).

Earlier reporting

Moghan Plain, Anghout and Sabalan
Location: Ardebil and East Azerbaijan Provinces

ICCA database entry  

Main characteristics:

  • 1,163,000 ha;
  • Shahsevan Tribal Confederacy (approx. 100,000 persons), mobile pastoralists, indigenous Azeri (Turk)
  • FRWO has jurisdiction over land that is still often managed with customary rules by Shahsevans, conflicts with government after nationalization law in 1963)
  • Livelihood and cultural values
  • Bear– gazelle– wild pig birds of prey– fish– etc.
  • Elders and traditional leaders are still respected, and that has revived the confederacy;
  • Rangeland management;
Courtesy Jalal Sepehri, Cenesta

Reference: CENESTA. 2007. Governance and Ecosystems ManaGEMent for the CONservation of BIOdiversity, GEM-CON-BIO Shahsevan Nomadic Pastoralists Case Study Report, CENESTA and EU, Tehran.

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