Participation of Bakhtiari Mobile Tribe in Conservation of Inverted Tulips Site

As part of SGP global initiative on ICCAs (indigenous community conserved areas), SGP has approved this project with the Council of Bakhtiari Mobile Tribe.

Although the tribe is one of the major tribes in Iran, it lacked modern institutions and therefore was not considered an official entity by the government and was treated as individual herders. Recently, through the Joint efforts of CENESTA with support from IUCN CEESP and GEF SGP under the ICCA project Bakhtiari Confederacy has recently been formed which is the grantee of this project (133 A) for the field work in the summer grounding of the Tamouleh Tribe as part of the Bakhtiari Confederacy has recently been formed which is the grantee of this project. CENESTA will continue to support the group on policy discussions and documentation (133 B).

January 2009دی 1387
October 2011مهر 1390

Location: Chaharmahal-o-bakhtiari, Kohrang and Upper Lebd
UNDP / GEF Small Grants Programme project page, see also this project page


Overall objective: Achievement to Community Conserved Areas through Co-management of Natural Resources in Inverted Tulips Plain

Specific objectives:

  • Co-management of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity in tribal territories of Bakhtiari Tribal Confederacy
  • To identify a territory-based ICCA in summering ground of Bakhtiari tribal confederacy
  • To identify endangered species of recognized ICCA
  • Participatory preparation of conservation plan for endangered species
  • Running income and wealth generation activities
  • To influence in policies and programmes in term of ICCA recognition and its expansion in other tribal territories


  • Identified and recognised ICCA in one of the Bakhtiari Tribal Confederacy territories
  • Biodiversity Conservation plan of indigenous nomadic pastoralists for inverted tulips and other endangered species in the project area;
  • Interaction with government authorities and officials on co-management of natural resources
  • Agreement on Co-management of natural resource of inverted tulips plain and other endangered species
  • Income and wealth generation activities for the community sustainable livelihoods
  • Empowered member of target group of the community
  • Prepared participatory maps of the project area and other documentation of the project (newsletters, brochures, poster, lessons learnt, progress reports etc.)

Project activities and outputs are:

  • A letter of support from the Natural Resource Organization
  • Participation of the Bakhtiari Tribe in the management of the Inverted Tulip site in Koohrang as a form of ICCA in the summer Yeylagh area,
  • Defining new agreements with the municipality and the Natural Resource Organization on the tribe share of rights to the site
  • Presentation of the Tribes culture and supporting their livelihoods for demonstration to tourists
  • Strengthening the tribe Confederacy
  • Cooperation with CENESTA for further follow ups and documentation of the project

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