Sechah Dehsard

Sechah Dehsard
Location: Bafq (Kerman Province) / Forest and Rangelands

Main characteristics:

  • 40,000 ha;
  • Tribal communities + rural communities (Cooperative of herders), Kermani dialect of Persian;
  • Settled villagers;
  • Livelihood;
  • Valuable species of plants typical of this region;
  • Right now the Cooperative of herders has the right over the rangelands in this area with more or less nominal supervision of the relevant government body. The Cooperative was formed only 10 years ago but tribal communities have been using and managing this area for centuries;
  • Cooperative land that is managed as an ICCA and community/tribal territory;
  • Livestock grazing + forest products

Reference: CENESTA. 2008. Interview with Fatemeh Sadat Mahdavian, Anjomaneh Sabz Kushane Reygan (Reygan Sabz Kushan Assosiation), Kerman Province. CENESTA, Tehran.

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