2nd Scientific Conference of the UNCCD

The 2nd Scientific Conference of UNCCD took place 9-12 April 2013 in Bonn.

CENESTA made a presentation on PPB as part of the workshop on “Agro-ecology as a powerful tool for the development of dry-lands.”

For a report of  the Scientific Conference please see: http://www.iisd.ca/vol04/enb04242e.html

Excerpts about CENESTA:

Mina Esteghamat, Centre for Sustainable Development (CENESTA), Iran, highlighted successful adaptation strategies adopted by pastoralist communities in the Abolhassani tribal confederacy in northeastern Iran. She listed among good practices: improved water storage, reduction of livestock numbers, lengthening the migration path, and increased use of farmland residues and agricultural by-products through communal agreements such as “boundless grazing” in certain periods of the year.
Khadija Razavi, CENESTA, Iran, said participatory impact assessments will be needed to achieve ZNLD, and there is a need for capacity building for decision makers as well as those on the ground.
Khadija Razavi, CENESTA, Iran, presented a project in participatory plant breeding in Iran bringing scientists together with farmers in managing barley and wheat varieties.

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