National workshop on intangible heritage and ecotourism

2 september 201511 شهریور 1394
4 september 201513 شهریور 1394

Location: Hamedan, Iran


In October, a national workshop about intangible heritage and the role of CSOs was held in Hamedan city. Members of ecotourism-related NGOs from around the country including Cenesta’s representatives participated in this 3-days workshop.

During this workshop, participants discussed on how intangible heritage can help ecotourism and how CSOs can promote sustainability in tourism and building capacity of IPs/LCs. The representative of Cenesta had a speech on intangible heritage and traditional knowledge in ICCAs and Cenesta’s approaches with regard to ecotourism. Many NGOs expressed their interest in working with Cenesta on ecotourism.

Download the report in Persian.

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