The shortcomings of the FDA’s president concerning GMOs

Extract from Tasnim news article in Persian:

The deputy minister of Health and president of the Food and Drug Administration, while commenting yesterday on products derived from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), seems to lack information about the quality and quantity of imports and production of these products in the country. According to economy reporter from Tasnim News’ Press Club (Pooya), the deputy minister of Health and Medical Education, and president of the Food and Drug Administration, which is the highest health authority in the country, made a statement that has surprised public opinion.

Rasoul Dinarvand, in response to the question: “The policy of the Food and Drug Administration in the 6th Programme is concerned with the development of GMO products and it has paid attention to the use of unhealthy agricultural products. Can you confirm this statement or not?” said: “No, this has not been confirmed.”

Stressing that “Our policy is not concerned with the expansion of transgenic products”, he said: “We do not produce transgenic products of any kind.”

He pointed out that “the only transgenic products currently imported are oil and soya, which are for animal use”, and added: “The amount of transgenic products in our country is very low.”

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