Qashqai Tribal Confederacy

Governance assessment report

Download the report (in English).

Livelihood assessment report

Download the report (in Persian).

Bio-cultural protocol

This protocol gives a full description of way of life, dependency on natural resources, native breeds and non-native breeds of livestock, indigenous knowledge, culture, issues and problems, predictable issues and how to engage international institutions to help recognise the rights related to the community.
Download the document (in Persian).

The legal status‬‬ ‫‪of‬‬ the territory of the Farsi Madan sub-tribe‬‬

In this report, instances of intrusion, dispossession, occupation and reallocation of tribal ICCA territories of the Farsi Madan sub-tribe of the Qashqai are analysed, and appropriate potential legal actions are suggested.
Download the report (in Persian).

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