Capacity building and transparency workshop among stakeholder groups of Makoran Petrochemical Complex

20 April 201731 فروردین 1396
from 8:30am till noon

Location: Chaharbahar conference hall

Participants of the workshop included representatives of governmental organizations, local CSOs and indigenous peoples and local communities of the Chabahar region.

In this workshop, the most critical issues and concerns of the local communities, local CSOs, governmental authorities and private sector, were discussed and the representatives of the petrochemical industry responded with clarifications on subjects such as amount and type of water, air and soil pollution.


The main discussed subjects of the workshop include: location of the petrochemical complex and its proximity to the residential areas of the region, plans of the petrochemical industry for training and employment of local human resources (considering the high rate of unemployment in the region), environmental impacts of Makoran Petrochemical Complex and its effects on human health, the latest changes in the designing and planning of the petrochemical complex regarding DOE requirements, the latest licenses and permissions approved by relevant organisations, differences between petrochemical industries and oil refinery industries and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Makoran Petrochemical Complex and its framework.

The main outputs of the workshop were:

  • The process of trust building among stakeholders, specifically between the IPs/LCs and the industry, was effectively started;
  • The questions and concerns of various stakeholders were answered by petrochemical company representatives;
    The need for trusted and related experts was identified. In order to have more discussion time, participants suggested separate meetings for each specific subject;
  • The establishment of a co-management committee for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Makoran Petrochemical Complex.


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