ICCA Consortium

Collective Land Tenure and Community Conservation: Exploring the linkages between collective tenure rights and the existence and effectiveness of territories and areas conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities (ICCAs) - Companion document to Policy Brief #2 of the ICCA Consortium Almeida, F. with G. Borrini-Feyerabend, S. Garnett, H. C. Jonas, H. D. Jonas, A. Kothari, E. Lee, M. Lockwood, F. Nelson and S. Stevens 1394 ICCA Consortium in collaboration with Maliasili Initiatives and Cenesta, Tehran.

Collective Land Tenure and Community Conservation – Companion document

ICCAs and Aichi Targets: The Contribution of Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Community Conserved Territories and Areas to the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-20, Policy Brief of the ICCA Consortium #1 Kothari, A. and Neumann, A. 1393 Co-produced with CBD Alliance, Kalpavriksh and Cenesta and in collaboration with the IUCN Global Protected Areas Programme

ICCA and Aichi Targets

Recognizing and Supporting Territories and Areas Conserved by Indigenous and Local Communities in Iran, A National Case Study ناهید نقی زاده، عباس دیداری و تقی فرور 1391 Edited by Ashish Kothari, with Colleen Corrigan, Harry Jonas, Aurélie Neumann, and Holly Shrumm. Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, ICCA Consortium, Kalpavriksh, and Natural Justice, Montreal, Canada. Technical Series no. 64. pp 132

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