Strengthening Civil Society Networks to Address Dryland and Poverty Issues in the Context of Strategic Development Frameworks and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

March 2007اسفند 1385
March 2010اسفند 1388

Location: Iran

Overall objective: To support developing countries in their efforts to integrate the environmental dimension in development processes in particular on issues related to the UNCCD and other strategic development policy frameworks (MDGs, country strategy papers) including trade related issues.

Specific objectives:

  • NGOs and their national networks build the necessary instruments and capacity to participate in the mainstreaming of UNCCD National Actions Plans into PRSPs and other documents.
  • The NGOs build capacity in linking different cooperation frameworks, are able to use the relevant planning instruments for the design of projects adapting best practices and promoted research and development results.
  • An operational and actively used structure for the exchange of positive projects’ results and participatory methodologies to combat land degradation among NGOs, key stakeholders from science and key policy-makers is established.


  • NGOs establish and / or strengthen their networks
  • NGOs develop and enhance their capacity to provide input into the national and regional planning processes with regard to mainstreaming land degradation and poverty issues
  • NGOs and CBOs improve the quality of their project proposals on drylands development through better access to best practices and innovative technical solutions and approaches
  • The public awareness on dryland development issues improved in affected and donor countries

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