Understanding and Promoting Community Conserved Areas (ICCAs) for the Conservation of Biodiversity and the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Iran and Beyond (ICCA-SGP)

October 2007مهر 1386
December 2010آذر 1389

Location: Iran and beyond – in Iran:

  • The customary territory of selected Shahsevan Confederation of Tribes in the northwest region
  • Secondary site will be in the Qashqai tribe territory

UNDP / GEF Small Grants Programme project page


Overall objective: Globally significant biodiversity is sustainably conserved and natural resources, in particular common property resources, are sustainably managed in Community Conserved Areas (CCA) in several world regions

Specific objectives:

  • Better knowledge and awareness of region-specific needs and enhanced policy and practice in support to the CCA option in various countries of the world and in Iran in particular


  • Four regional reviews identifying types and statuses of ICCAs;
  • Comparative analysis of a total of 8 regional reviews of ICCAs and compiled lessons learned;
  • Specific recommendations towards enabling policy and legislative frameworks;
  • Information about ICCAs made available through a dedicated website;
  • Guidance to include ICCA information in national systems of Protected Areas and the UNEP/WCMC Global Database on Protected Areas;
  • International workshops and meetings, including at the 4th Wold Conservation Congress, Barcelona;
  • Feasibility analysis and pilot project proposal for customary-territory based management of rangelands;
  • Briefing Note (Policy Brief) on ICCAs (including hima-like systems) in Iran;
  • Overall project coordination and management.

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