Kushk-e Zar Wetland

Kushk-e Zar (Namdan) Wetland
Location: Namdan plain, Eghlid (Fars Province)


Main characteristics:

  • Indigenous Qashqai Tribal Confederacy, Shish Bayli Tribe, Kuhi and other subtribes (Turkish-speaking mobile pastoralists). While the entire migration territory of Qashqai nomads is a general ICCA that fits the definition, Namdan Wetland is considered a special ICCA. The length of this wetland in rainy years is about 8-10 Km with an area of some 2,200 hectares;
  • First ICCA recognized by DOE in Iran since 2005 in an official letter from the Department of the Environment to the DOE in Fars Province;
  • Practicing Customary laws for the protection and sustainable use of the wetland, coupled with customary range management system in the associated rangelands around the wetland;
  • Livelihoods of MIPs (mobile indigenous peoples) of the Qashqai Tribal Confederacy depends in part on this conserved wetland, including for:
    • watering needs for limited agriculture;
    • livestock keeping;
    • handicrafts based on harvesting reeds;
    • fishing;
    • bee-keeping;
    • medicinal plants;
    • industrial plants;
    • edible plants;
    • and rarely, hunting;
  • The wetland helps the nomadic peoples conserve valuable flora and fauna of the region;
  • Governance by the Council of Elders, including their Sustainable Livelihoods Funds of Shis-Bayli Tribe as well as Kuhi Sub Tribe (registered and based on their customary tribal organisation);
  • Government claims ownership based on Article 16 of the Environmental Protection Law, and the so-called nationalisation of natural resources in 1963, but IPs have customary rights over their territory reflected in a system of grazing permits based on established customary rights and demand their collective rights based on the desire to repeal the 1963 decree;
Courtesy Mehdi Tohidpour, Cenesta

Reference: CENESTA. 2004. Char Tang-e Kushk-e Zar Wetland: a Community Conserved Area, Eqlid Township, Fars province (Zagros region). CENESTA, IIED, Council of Elders of the Kuhi sub-tribe and UNDP-GEF-SGP. Tehran.

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