Qazi Qanat

Qazi Qanat
Location: Bidgol, Kashan (Kashan Province)


Main characteristics:

  • 81 ha;
  • 54 traditional owners from Bidgol, Kashi dialect of Persian;
  • Excellent example of a ground water-based ICCA;
  • To maintain and repair the channels of the Qanat, permission is obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
  • Livelihood, cultural and spiritual values. Many community rituals are still practiced for the governance of the Qanat;
  • Unique flora and fauna of desert environment, including some maintained through irrigation;
  • Elders and community leaders (most skilled persons) in charge of the decision-making;
  • Desert agriculture.
Courtesy Iman Amirsalehi
Courtesy Iman Amirsalehi

Reference: CENESTA. 2004. Qanat Irrigation Systems: An ancient water distribution system allowing specialised and diverse cropping in desert regions of Iran, CENESTA and FAO, Tehran.

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