Talesh and Galesh

Ecological assessment report

The Hyrcanian forests are located in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere and are categorised as deciduous broad-leaved forests. The total coverage of Hyrcanian forests is some 1.8 million hectares. These forests cover the following provinces in Iran: Mazendaran, Gilan and Golestan.

This report (in Persian) is a detailed description of where the Talesh and Galesh are spread, geography, protected areas and natural landscapes as well as the following bio-diversity database lists:

  1. Wildlife
  2. Vegetation and tree species

Governance assessment report

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Livelihoods assessment report

Cow herding is the main occupation of the Talesh and Galesh peoples. Most Talesh residing on the plains are farmers and cultivate rice next to cow herding. Other products of the Talesh and Galesh peoples are: bee keeping, handicraft production and sericulture. This report is a detailed description of the occupation types, cultures, clothing, handicraft, house types and way of life of Talesh and Galesh peoples.
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Bio-cultural protocol

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Earlier reporting

Talesh Nomads
Location: Khojdare, Talesh (Guilan Province)

ICCA database entry  

Main characteristics:

  • 1,800 ha;
  • Khojdare & Lotum villages (50 households – 330 persons), Talesh nomads;
  • Women stay in the village and work on agriculture lands, and men move with the cattle and there are customary transhumance territory;
  • It is de jure government land according to Forest and Rangelands imposition by the Shah, 1963;
  • Livelihood, cultural and spiritual values;
  • Caspian foresst are known for plant and animal biodiversity and Talesh region is one of the most pristine areas;
  • Elders and community leaders;
  • Government-claimed land with customary practices;
  • Forestry + cattle herding.
Courtesy Mehdi Hassannezhad, Cenesta
Courtesy Mehdi Hassannezhad, Cenesta

Reference: CENESTA. 2008. Report of Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on “ICCAs and Natural Resource Management”. CENESTA and UNDP-GEF-SGP, Tehran

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