Kani Brazan

Kani Brazan
Location: West Azerbaijan

Main characteristics:

  • 80 hectares;
  • Azeri Turks and Kurds, settled villagers;
  • Soon the wetland will be announced as a wildlife refuge by DOE. Negotiations are on-going for the recognition of the rights of the local communities to their ICCA in this Ramsar site, with reasonable prospects;
  • Livelihood dependency of local communities;
  • Selected as the first bird watching site of the country;
  • Habitats of valuable waterfowl and other valuable fauna and flora;
  • Local community, local authorities, DOE are trying to set up a co-management system for wetland resource management on this site, with the support of Cenesta and another NGO;

Reference: Khor Khoreh Community Based Organisation. 2009. Empowerment of Khor Khoreh Local Community for Conservation of Kaniborazan Wetland and its Biodiversity, West Azerbaijan. Khor Khoreh Community Based Organisation and UNDP-GEF-SGP. Np.

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