Re-empowering Iran’s indigenous nomadic tribes

January 2013دی 1391
December 2015آذر 1394

Location: Iran, ancestral territories (summering and wintering grounds and migration routes) of four tribal confederacies and independent tribes in the Zagros, Elburz and Touran regions. Some activities will take place involving other suitable tribal territories as well.


Overall objective: Poverty elimination and conservation of nature and natural resources in Iran’s 700 indigenous nomadic pastoralist tribes and tribal confederacies

Specific objectives

  • Restoring capacity among specific nomadic pastoralist tribes and their federation (UNINOMAD) on the governance of their natural resources through a rights-based approach and reliance on their indigenous knowledge and new scientific approaches;
  • Promoting the recognition of ICCAs (Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas) based on mobile indigenous tribes territories;
  • Implementing pilot experiences in sustainable pastoral livelihoods including new diversified income and wealth generation opportunities;
  • Preparing about a dozen tribal biodiversity registers and tribal biocultural diversity protocols.


  • Empowered nomadic communities in governance of their natural resources and protection of their territories and its nature as ICCAs;
  • Appropriately recognised indigenous community conserved areas in selected tribal territories;
  • Sustained livelihoods through income and wealth generation activities by nomadic pastoralists for poverty elimination in their communities;
  • About a dozen Tribal Biocultural Diversity Registers and Protocols



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