Social, Environmental and Livelihood Justice for Poverty Elimination for Iranian Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

January 2015دی 1393
December 2017آذر 1396

Location: Selected Indigenous peoples of Bakhtiari, Qashqai, Shahsevan, local communities of central Iran, and marine-coastal ICCAs in south of Iran.


Overall objective: To reduce poverty among rural communities in Iran through enhancing sustainable livelihoods and ensuring social/environmental justice

Specific objectives:

  • To achieve sustainable livelihoods for indigenous peoples and local communities.
  • To enhance and subsequently maintain the level of civil interest and political participation amongst the marginalized communities and improve the networking and policy advocacy skills for local communities.
  • To rehabilitate the natural resources within the traditional territories of indigenous peoples and local communities.
  • To raise the awareness of indigenous peoples and local communities about their social, economic, cultural, and environmental rights and responsibilities in order to enhance their capability to achieve their aims.


  • Enhanced sustainable livelihoods for indigenous peoples and local communities;
  • Increased participation of local communities in policymaking process;
  • Restored traditional lifestyle of Indigenous peoples and local communities;
  • Developed ecotourism milieu in local communities and rural areas;
  • Restored, conserved, and sustainable use of rangelands species.



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