Conference on Biosafety and Genetic Manipulations

Iranian Capacity Building Project to Implement the Cartagena Protocole on Biosafety

16 December 201525 آذر 1394
from 9am to 4pm

Location: Pardisan Park, Department of Environment, International Conference Hall, Tehran
Organizer: Center for Sustainable Development and Environment (Cenesta)
Secretariat: 66400811 – 09123249583

Please inform the secretariat of your participation by
14 December 201523 آذر 1394


Conference on Biosafety, Tehran, 2015
Conference on Biosafety, Tehran, 2015

Aims of the conference

  • Increasing public awareness about the different aspects of GMOs production and consumption
  • Explaining and the rights of consumers and people when purchasing and using GMOs
  • Shedding light on the necessity of labeling GMO products

Main topics

  • The biosafety, health, economy and social aspects of consuming GMOs
  • Food sovereignty and the effects of GMO production and consumption on living creatures life
  • The effect of GMO production on sustainable use of biodiversity and genetic reserves
  • The right to awareness and labeling of GMO products
  • Responsibilities of GMO producers and stakeholders towards the production, peoples rights and life


(in Persian)


Presentations (in Persian unless otherwise stated)



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