Visit to Qeshm: CBO Eco-tourism

11 March 201621 اسفند 1394
16 March 201626 اسفند 1394

Location: Qeshm island
Project: Social, Environmental and Livelihood Justice for Poverty Elimination for Iranian Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities


Following up on the activities that have taken place on the island of Qeshm (Workshop on restoring the role of Indigenous People in the protection of marine-coastal bio-diversity, a two-month trip to identify the men and women Elders of some of the villages on the island of Qeshm and register the Women Association and Committee, ecological survey of the island’s coral reefs), Cenesta’s working group on Livelihoods has travelled to the island of Qeshm in order to launch the Fund of the Women Committee, to increase the familiarity of the local communities of the Naghasheh village with community-based tourism as well as to visit camel herders and fisher women.

Full report in Persian

Pictures: Mobina Nurmohamadian, Fatemeh Zolfaqari, Leila Vaziri, Ahmad Bazmandegan

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