Workshop on Capacities and Challenges on the Implementation of the UNCCD in Iran, September 2020

To strengthen and activate the implementation process of the United Nation Convention to Combat Desertification and strengthen the National Working Group on Combating Desertification, a workshop on ‘Introduction of Capacities and Challenges on the Implementation of the UNCCD, Towards Preservation, Rehabilitation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources’ was held by the National Focal Point Institution in Iran. In this workshop, presentations were made by the Office of Desert Affairs, Education and Extension of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Supreme Forest Council and CENESTA (the CSO Panel of the UNCCD-Asia) on the Convention, challenges and cooperation capacities at various levels. The participants of this workshop stressed on the importance of synergistic among environmental conventions, Knowledge sharing on preventing LDN, capacity building, increasing inter-sectoral cooperation, and use of the high potential of the CSOs, particularly indigenous nomadic pastoralists and local communities on the implementation of the Convention. One of the most important achievements of this workshop was re-establishing of the “National Working Group on Combating Desertification’ by the National Focal Point of the Convention with the participation of the key stakeholder’s representatives.

Meeting In FRWO NFP 13 Sept.N

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