Current collaborators

Ali Asghar Didari

  • In charge of Public Relations
  • Communication with Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Local Communities
  • Expert on Combatting Desertification and on Rural Development

Ali Razmkhah

  • Legal Advisor
  • International Law
  • Indigenous Peoples’ and Farmers’ Rights

Maedeh Salimi

  • Programme Manager for Participatory Agricultural Research
  • Agroecology, Agricultural Heritage Systems, Evolutionary Plant Breeding
  • Community Facilitator and Participatory Methods Specialist
  • PhD Candidate in Agroecology

Mina Torki

  • Administration and Accounting Officer

Nahid Naghizadeh

  • Senior Research Associate, CENESTA
  • Member of the UNCCD CSOs Panel, Asia,
  • Member of the Board, DRY NET,
  • PhD Candidate, Human Geography and Land Use Planning

Sepideh Shakeri-Nasr

  • Expert in Environmental Sciences and Participatory GIS
  • ICCA Consortium Co-Coordinator for Marine and Coastal Areas for Central and West Asia and the Caucasus

Yashar Hasannezhad

  • Information Technology Manager
  • Computer Networking Specialist
  • Graphic Designer